What We Do & Who We Are

Currently, The Remnant Radio produces three weekly sows Mon-Wed from 4PM-5PM CST. 

The show is live-streamed on YouTube and is later uploaded to our podcasting platform. Every time you tune into Remnant Radio you can expect an episode on Theology, History, or The Gifts of the Spirit. You can expect the show to be encouraging, entertaining, and hopefully inspiring. We want to bring down the academic conversations to the laity with down-to-earth conversations.

Additionally, we believe well-rounded theological Christians should listen to voices from a plurality of tribes. So Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Baptist, Methodist, and Charismatics are all represented in our interviews. We interview Calvinist, Armenians, Molinist, Pre-tribers, Post-tribers, Post-Trib-Pre-Wrathers, Amillenials, Post-Millenials, Historic Pre-Millenials. We interview dispensationalists, covenantalist, and all the haves-ies in between.

We do not endorse all the various guests we have on the show. However, we do believe a healthy dialogue with those whom we disagree with is a necessary Christian virtue that is not displayed often enough.