What We Do

Currently, The Remnant Radio produces one show weekly on Monday nights at 8:30 PM CST. The show is live-streamed on Facebook and is later broadcasted on satellite television across the Middle East, New zeland, and Australia, reaching an estimated one billion potential users. Our ministry has and always will focus on educating the church in matters of theology. However, as our ministry grows, we intend to add a variety of shows that encompass several topics such as evangelism, worship, discipleship, and more. We plan to host apologetic conferences, live debates, and pastoral trainings. God has placed a great vision in our hearts for this ministry and we know, by his grace, The Remnant Radio will continue to make a life-changing impact on our world.

Who We Are

The Remnant Radio exists to produce relevant, inspiring, and entertaining content that educates those interested in biblical theology and a Christian worldview.