How we Can Serve you during the Coronavirus Pandemic

A scared world needs a faith-filled church. How can we exhibit this faith with the wisdom necessary to care for congregations? Churches throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex have canceled services due to the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. Some have chosen to stay open, but as the spread of this deadly virus increases, we foresee many churches canceling their Sunday gatherings to keep their congregations safe.

The church has always found ways to creatively proclaim the gospel during times of such disparity. Large churches have already transitioned from weekly gatherings to online facebook and youtube broadcasts. However, smaller churches and or young churches simply do not have the resources to produce a quality broadcast. Live streaming equipment is really expensive, also the time, energy, and qualified personnel required to run such a stream are even harder to come by. If this describes you and your church, we want you to know Remnant Radio is here for you.

We have a four-camera set up with space for preaching and a small worship team. We can run sermon slides, scripture verses, and lyrics for worship. We can record your sermon thought the week so that you can air it at a later time or we can live stream so that you can engage and interact with your audience through live questions.

Secure your Spot

As of right now, we have opened up our studio Thursday-Saturday for filming. These slots will be first come first serve. We do not require any form of payment to secure your spot, nor are we charging for this service.

However, we are asking for donations. We foresee spending 20 to 30 hours this week filming for these digital church services and that kind of workload is just not sustainable as an uncompensated volunteer. If you and your church can afford to donate we ask that you do.