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Times of Preparation in Paul’s life

In the middle of the book of Acts, the Apostle Paul dominates the pages of the New Testament. We focus on his teachings, but sometimes we fail to see the spiritual insight woven into the tapestry of his Christian experience. On the one hand, he was a trophy of God's...

Grace, Study, and My Story

I am known as that guy who likes books. If I were a martial artist, I would be an black belt in book-fu. If I were a comic book superhero, I would be Batman but that’s for other reasons. In any case, I do love books and If you grew up with me the irony would be...

Preaching as Mystical Event

INTRODUCTIONWhen I was young in the faith. I had the pleasure of being mentored by an evangelist, named Algernon Tenyson. Yes, He was my black old brother and I was his young tag-along (affectionately known as white chocolate). He taught me the simplicity of the...

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So many people are desperate for a place where they can learn theology without all the angry ad hominem that comes with youtube theologians. For so many Remnant Radio has been a safe space to learn and grow in theology, the gifts of the Spirit, and Church History. If you believe in the mission of Remnant and would like to help we would ask that you partner with us on Patreon for as low as $5 a month. Gifts such as these help us invest in marketing, equipment, special projects, remote shoots, and the compensation of our hard-working ministers. As a thank you, for those who are able to partner with us on Patreon, you will get access to exclusive content that Michael and Josh make for the Patreon audience. Videos on Discernment, recap videos where Josh and Michael give you their thoughts on a former episode, along with testimonies and educational content.