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“I started The Remnant Radio in July 2017. I wanted to produce a theology broadcast that was entertaining, relevant and inspiring. I tried to imagine something that would educate believers in biblical theology and a Christian worldview while not boring anyone to sleep.

Now, we have been called many things, but boring is not among them. Remnant Radio produces weekly videos on various theological topics with different guests every week.

One week we may have a Calvinist on discussing eternal security, the next week we may have an Anglican bishop discussing Apostolic succession, and the week after that we might have someone talking about the gift of tongues.

We don’t always agree with the views of our guests and we don’t expect that you will always agree either, but we are brothers in Christ, and we agree to humbly approach God’s word so we can better understand it together.

How can $5 a Month Support Remnant?


Are you desperate for a place to learn theology without the angry ad hominem that comes with YouTube theologians? For many, Remnant Radio has been that safe space to learn and grow in theology, the gifts of the spirit and church history. If you connect or believe in Remnant Radio, we ask you to partner with us on Patreon.

For as little as $5 a month, you can help us invest in marketing, equipment, special projects, remote shoots, and the compensation of our hard-working ministers. As a thank you, to those who partner with us on Patreon, you will get access to exclusive content,  Michael Rowntree and Josh Lewis. This content includes; videos on discernment, recaps from Josh and Michael where they give you their thoughts on a previous episodes, personal testimonies and additional educational content.

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