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How we started, where we’ve been & where we are going…


July 17, 2017 Remnant Radio recorded its first episode. The flagship episode was an hour and a half long show filmed on an iPhone with a smattering of lights in an old closet with Josh Lewis and a buddy. The microphones were not plugged in; the phone had a smudge on the camera; and the closet was an acoustic nightmare. The show was terrible! But nonetheless, Josh Lewis was pumped to produce this new theology podcast.

Every week since, Remnant has evolved and grown from reaching a few thousand the first year to over 400,000 monthly views today.

Remnant’s premise was simple: Let’s discuss theology with everyone! Remnant invited Baptists, Methodists, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and Charismatics to come on live air and wrestle with theology. Remnant reminds its audience every episode, “we don’t necessarily agree with the views of our guest. We are just eager to learn how different traditions look at the scriptures.” Remnant strives to give healthy push back to our guest’s without being argumentative or combative.

Currently, The Remnant Radio produces two weekly shows. You can join the commentary during the live show on YouTube every Monday or Wednesday from 4PM-5PM CST or listen anytime from a podcast platform of your choice. Every time you tune into The Remnant Radio, you can expect an episode on theology, history, or the gifts of the spirit. You can rely on the show to be encouraging, entertaining, and hopefully inspiring. Remnant’s goal is for every person to break out of their theological echo chamber and join the conversation no matter his or her academic background.

The show also has expanded to provide in-person conferences as well as online master-classes. To keep up with the latest events and activities, be sure to subscribe to The Remnant Radio Newsletter. 


Joshua Lewis

Joshua Lewis currently serves as co-host of The Remnant Radio. He additionally serves as lead elder and teacher pastor at King’s Fellowship, a church he planted in Ada, Oklahoma.

With a background in classical Pentecostal tradition (Assemblies of God), Josh wanted to break the traditional mold of anti-intellectualism that he found so prominent in the charismatic church. Thus Josh live-streamed the first episode of The Remnant Radio in July 2017. Though Josh no longer finds himself in the classical Pentecostal traditions, his desire to help charismatics bridge the gap between Word and Spirit remains one of his driving motivators as a charismatic evangelical.

Joshua and his wife, Jocelyn, have been married since 2012 and are parents to three small children.


Michael Rowntree

Michael has been married since 2004 to Alicia Rowntree, whom he met in Scotland on a study abroad trip. They have four kids: Anna, Hudson, William, and Molly. He loves to think deeply, read widely, and laugh heartily. His hobbies include riding his motorcycle, playing the djembe, and sharpening his Spanish with native speakers. 

He formerly pastored at Wellspring Church in Texas for seventeen years, serving as the Lead Pastor for ten years. He currently is the Lead Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, OK.  He feels a considerable call to help Bridgeway become a leading example of the “Word and Spirit” church. His role on Remnant Radio, which began in 2020, also serves this purpose.

No matter where he has served, God has consistently used him as a teacher, a pastor, and a leader. As a teacher, he loves to study God’s Word and bring it to life in a way that displays God’s beauty and desire for friendship. As a pastor, his heart beats for the sheep – to lay his life down for them, every day. As a leader, God has gifted him to envision a better tomorrow and invite people on a journey to discover it.

Michael Miller RR 2

Michael Miller

Michael and Sara live in Denver, Colorado with their children, Archer & Avery, and dog, Amos.

After graduating from Texas A&M, Michael worked for a para-church ministry called Young Life.  It was during that time he developed a friendship with Professor Jack Deere, author of Surprised by the Power of the Holy Spirit.  Michael then went to work for Jack at Wellspring Church where he ran the healing ministry and traveled with Jack to minister to varying churches.  

Michael taught mathematics in Fort Worth, Texas before going back into full-time ministry. He is now a cohost for a YouTube show called “To Be Continued” on the Remnant Radio and regularly speaks, trains, and ministers in churches both locally and abroad. If you would like more information on how to book Michael for a speaking engagement click here.

In 2020 Michael’s family moved to Denver, Colorado to plant a church called “Reclamation Church” where he serves full-time as an elder and teaching pastor.